Why delegate with us?

NeoCasbah operates a Cardano Staking Pool, CASBA, and we invite you to delegate your Cardano stake with us. But if you’re new to staking, or you’re just thinking of changing pools, Why should you stake with us?

Do I have to?

We will continue to provide posts and crypto news in Arabic, French and English regardless, so you do not need to stake with us. But if you appreciate all this effort and would like to help us make a community in NeoCasbah, delegating your Cardano stake with us will help fund this endeavour.

Your staking pool is quite small …

From little things, big things grow. Just like most of you, we aren’t crypto millionaires to create a huge pledge, we have never mined Bitcoin or rode the Doge-wave. We do, however, appreciate the crypto vision that Cardano has for the world, especially how it works with, and for, Africans. To that extent, we have committed our own time and money to start a staking pool and want to try to make NeoCasbah a place people can get answers to their crypto questions. We’re in this for the long haul and hopefully you’ll come along too.

Will I ever see any rewards?

Small pools do have a smaller chance of minting new coins, but when smaller pools do mint coins  they get a higher return than bigger pools. So getting in early definitely has its rewards, if like us, you are willing to wait. Once the pool is up to size, you can expect to consistently get rewards. Cardano, does take this into account and on average ALL pools will achieve approximately a 5% return a year.

How much should I stake?

All. Of. It. You should always stake your coins, there is no reason not to, since you always keep control of your coins and they generate interest on their own. However, if you want to delegate to multiple pools you will need to create another wallet. As per Cardano Ouroboros protocol, you only start receiving rewards after 3 epochs of delegating to the same pool. Each epoch is 5 days. Once you’ve delegated your wallet, this timer will start. If at any point you need to move some or all your coins, you can. But the timer will start again for any new coins you add. The coins which stay in the pool will still receive rewards as usual.

How do we know you will divide the rewards fairly?

The beauty of the staking pool is that beyond the fixed and variable fees, we do not control how the funds get distributed to your wallets. The Cardano algorithm, having accepted that we minted some new coins will share the profits fairly amongst all Delegators. Super easy and super fair. 

Will you change the fees?

Right now we have forecast that the minimum fixed fee plus a 1% operator fee should be enough to cover our running costs and eventually our initial outlay. We currently plan to put all these fees back into the pledge, so that over time the pool has decent foundation for new delegators. But this will take time. We will not make any changes to the fees without extensive warning and consultation with our delegators and community. If you want to be kept in the loop, please subscribe to our social media channels too.

I want to delegate, what do I do?!

Fantastic, Welcome to the NeoCasbah staking pool.

  1. Make sure you have your coins in a private wallet, preferably Yoroi or Daedalus (not in an Exchange)
  2. Follow the instructions/video on how to Delegate (links here) or Click here to get to it.
  3. Now relax and have a mint tea.

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